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Collaborative Team Learning: Advantages Of Developing New Skills Together

Collaborative team learning is an active learning technique whereby a team work and learn together in small groups to realise shared goals. Many benefits can be achieved when a team develops new skills together. In this article, we discover what the advantages are and how it can help your team.

Builds Trust

Cultivating new skills together creates shared memories for the team. The foundation for building trust is set as team members influence each other’s recollection of the event and what was learnt. Having a team that trusts each other is always a great thing. Work gets done more efficiently and employee satisfaction goes through the roof. The knowledge that is learnt is not as important as the process of learning it. Going through the same experiences, people tend to gain understanding of each other. That is the most significant takeaway from collaborative team learning.

Blends Complementary Strengths

When team members discover more about each other, they will manage to find a way to blend their individual strengths around each other in order to gain the most returns. For example, during learning, a team member is found to be good at brainstorming new ideas but not really proficient at articulating them, other members who have good presentation skills would easily be able to assist him or her to express the thoughts coherently. By melding together these complementary fortes, the team would be able to work better together to generate a stronger team.

Promotes Self-Analysis

Self-awareness is the cornerstone to being an impressive employee. When a team member is mindful of his or her own strengths and weaknesses, we can expect them to continue to do more of the things that they are good at and also to try to improve on their flaws. By learning together, team members would sometimes point out tactfully to others on what they need to improve on. Even without the reminders, members would also be self-reflective and be able to understand themselves more through interactions with their fellow team members during the learning.

Fosters Creativity

One does not need to be an artist to be creative. Having an imaginative mind is a great asset in the corporate world. Finding alternative solutions to persistent problems would require one to have a resourceful and innovative mind-set. When ideas are bouncing off each other during team learning, members are allowing their minds to think outside of the box, thereby inspiring originality and ingenuity. This is a skill that lasts, even when back in the workplace.

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