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The Power of Team Building Activities

The Power of Team Building Activities

As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A team can be perceived as a chain. By having strong links between each team member, a durable and resilient team can be formed. One of the most effective ways to build a strong team is via team building activities. Read on to discover more benefits of organising team building activities.

Increases Collaboration

During team building activities, participants are able to work together with each other outside of an office setting. They are less tensed and their usual guards would be down. For example, learning to cook French cuisine together as a team in a professional kitchen increases cooperation amongst team members. They also learn new ways to collaborate with each other and this will transcend into the workplace.

Fosters Creativity

Team building activities often ask members to think of out of the box ideas in order to complete tasks. For those who had been doing the same thing all the time at the workplace, this is an ideal situation for them to start re-using their rusty brains. This builds up members’ resourcefulness as well. Having a creative mind at work is a valuable asset as it can lead to more ways to do the same assignment. Members will be able to choose the most efficient way to function, thus increasing productivity at the workplace!

Builds Trust

Games or activities that engage team members frequently ask that confidence be given to the leader in charge, to trust that he or she would be able to lead the team to complete the tasks. Repeatedly trusting each other, team members build up a sense of camaraderie and this is a great foundation for a great team. Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” By putting your trust into your team members, you will most likely also be gaining their trust back. With mutual trust, a team would be able to progress more quickly than a team that has constant backstabbing and bickering.

Employee Retention

Having good friends at work is an appealing factor in enjoying going to work every day. Engaging in team building activities allows members to have a deeper relationship with their colleagues. Having a day off or a few hours away from work also makes the employees feel that the company is appreciative of them, taking the time and effort to organise a team building activity for them. If you can cultivate an environment where employees feel rewarded and gratified, you will already be ahead of a great deal of other corporations out there.


Team building is definitely an important aspect of work life. After reading about all the perks of organising team building activities, what is stopping you from making plans for one? At CulinaryOn, we offer a fun and convenient way to engage your team members. Our delightful chefs and hosts will wow them with their antics and your team will not even feel like they are “working”! Contact us now for a detailed discussion on how we can help your team.