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Ingredients of a Great Team

A team is relatively easy to put together. But a great team, that takes some time and effort to construct. It is more than just a collection of people. If you would like to achieve the extraordinary with your team, read on to find out which are the essential ingredients that will make up a great team.


First and foremost, a dash of enthusiasm for the work is the most important ingredient of a great team. Team members need to have passion for the daily grind. If not, it is a challenge to get a bunch of walking zombies to achieve anything together. Instil zeal in team members by giving them different tasks that work their brains. Encourage them to question the status quo. With an enthusiastic team, you can achieve almost anything. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once wrote, “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”

Clear Goals

A great team will, without doubt, have clearly defined targets to attain. Team members will be more focused and know what they are aiming for. Leaders should set the benchmark for team members to emulate. There should also be apparent rewards once those goals are reached. Clear goals are akin to a recipe – follow the recipe and you will get a tasty dish at the end of it!

Information Sharing

Good team members share information and do not hoard them. Even though there is a saying - knowledge is power, in a team, if some members do not share their intelligence with the rest, there will be an imbalance within the team and internal strife might take place due to power struggles. To prevent infighting and backbiting, encourage members to share freely with each other and censure selfish behaviours.

Space To Excel

Nobody likes to stay stagnant in the same position year after year. Inform team members about possible promotions within the team or job rotations so as to give them more motivation to work. By understanding the big picture, team members will have more job satisfaction and employee retention would increase.

Respect & Trust

Foster respect and trust between your team members and you are on your way to having a great team. If there is contempt simmering in the team, quickly find out the reason for it and quash it straight away before it grows, like a tumour. If need be, transfer the uncooperative team member out for the good of the whole team. Who knows, he or she might do better in another team!

Good Leadership

“A leader must inspire or his team will expire.” A team will thrive under excellent leaders. A leader is like the executive chef of a restaurant, steering and guiding the chef de parties in executing the orders. Without good leadership, team members would not be as cohesive or compliant to rules. A good leader should possess high EQ to understand everyone in the team, be firm, but not too aggressive, and should be charismatic enough to positively influence team members. If these qualities are available, rest assured that he or she will definitely gain the trust and respect of his or her team members.


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