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what is WineOn?

Crafted Wine Brand

Our wine are specially crafted and tailor made by family wineries from the best regions of Italy, Tuscany and Piedmont

7 unique wines in different volumes

A strictly defined amount of wine is produced for us every year. Every bottle has its unique number, you will never find another one like this.

Critically Acclaimed

Excellent reviews from renowned wine critic James Sackling and recipient of Honorary Award at the International Wine Fair.

red wines

WineOn Сhianti Montalbano 0.375 l

Red dry wine with a noble ruby color. The aroma is intense and at the same time delicate combines notes of fresh berries and violets. This elegant wine with velvety tannins has a pleasant fruit aftertaste.

WineOn Сhianti Montalbano Riserva 1.5 l

This wine is aged in oak barrels from Allier for twelve months. Thanks to its balance and good structure, it can be matched with grilled meat, game and mature cheeses. The richness of the taste is highlighted with tones of cherry and red berries.

WineOn Carmignano 0.75 l or 3 l

This ruby-hued wine, aged in French oak barrels, presents a fruity nose with good complexity. Well balanced with a touch of spice and soft tannins. It goes wonderfully with red meat and matured cheese.

WineOn Carmignano Riserva 1.5 l

This red dry wine has a perfectly balanced, soft, harmonious taste with excellent structure, elegant, sweet tannins and long aftertaste. The complex aroma of wine reveals shades of red fruit, spicy vanilla and leather.

white wines

WineOn Gavi 0.75 l

White dry wine has light-straw color with and greenish hue. Fresh, elegant aroma includes mineral, citrus, and floral notes. The taste is balanced and fresh, with a bright acidity, accentuated by a lasting aftertaste with an almond shade.

WineOn Gavi Riserva 0.75 l

Cortese di Gavi, or simply Gavi, is an Italian dry white wine produced in the restricted area of Piedmont, close to the Ligurian border. Gavi is noted for its bonedry character and crisp, flinty and fresh acidity. Cortese

WineOn Gavi Riserva from Societa Agricola La Raia received a gold medal at the international professional exhibition of wines produced in biological farms.

dessert wine

WineOn VinSanto Chianti Montalbano 0.5 l

Sweet white amber-colored wine. It has intensive aroma with notes of dried apricots, bitter almonds and honey. Well-balanced taste of wine with a good level of acidity combines shades of candied fruits, apricots, honey, caramel and roasted almonds.

WineOn wines are perfectly combined with various dishes of cuisines from all over the world.Our sommelier is always ready to help you to pick the best pairing wine and make a tasting session with immersion in the world of wine if you wish.

We are sincerely proud of our wines and would like to share our love with you.

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